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29 March 1970
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Date Created:12-14-03
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Bella is a simple and quiet creature. Known for standing in the shadows and observing all. Full of quaint knowledge and stedfast loyalty to her friends. Often seen taking moonlight strolls through the woods and midnight swims. Execsively antisocial, yet when you get to know her an intensly intresting personality is waiting.
Strengths: Quiet, Semiobservant, Loyal, Keeper of quaint knowledge,
Weaknesses: CHOCOLATE, CHOCOLATE, oh and big sad puppy eyes, and cute little kittys.
Special Skills: An annoying know-it-all, really good at the evasive answer, and the everpresent "Oh no, your going to try and make me smile" look.
Weapons: Morning death glare of doom, and the eye-roll of annoyance.

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